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How it works

  • Websites require electricity (energy) to function.  Producing electricity creates by-products, especially carbon dioxide (CO2).  Scientists believe that excess carbon dioxide harms the environment and is a leading cause of "global warming".  Learn more.


  • When you sign up to make your website 'carbon neutral', we calculate the annual carbon emissions associated with your website.  We then "offset" these carbon emissions via accredited and verifiable carbon-reducing projects.  Click here to see the type of carbon projects you can support.


  • Making your website carbon neutral enables you and your visitors to interact online in an environmentally-positive way.  For a small cost, you can help make a big difference.
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The internet is the largest coal-fired

machine on the entire planet

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Why us

  • Carbon Neutral Websites is a UK-based, not-for-profit 'social enterprise' dedicated to offsetting website and internet-related carbon emissions.


  • As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we have lower costs than for-profit companies providing the same service.


  • We use grants and donations to match-fund your purchase.  Our goal is to achieve 200% carbon reduction on all websites. This makes your website not only carbon neutral - with a 100% reduction - but carbon positive, with a 200% reduction.


  • 100% of donations go to sustainable, carbon-reduction projects around the world. This includes renewable energy in Europe, reforestation in South America, and clean cookstove technology in Africa.
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